TA3J Guests Page

They visited my radio station and said:

DL5MAE (June 1999)
I am very glad to put some words on your web-site.
I was visiting Turkey in 1999. I came by ferry-boat from Venice/Italy. I had lot of equipment with me as I wanted to activate Turkey on 2m moon-bounce and meteorscatter. Many people on VHF collecting grid squares so I decided to go to KM37 (near Kusadasi).
So I had to go to Izmir by ferry-boat where I met Berkin (TA3J) at the customs. Of course, with my car full of equipment I was not allowed passing through the customs immediately. No, even I had to let my car at customs overnight and almost went back to Italy the next day when t-he chief customer Mr. Ahmet Kok refused to let me in the country with all my RIG . However, just 15min before my planned return to Italy the customs in Izmir got the OK from Ankara to let me pass!
I can tell you the permission to pass was only possible by the help of Berkin  He  offered also his home to let me stay overnight for a night.
With his help I also got a nice place to stay in Kusadasi in a nice hotel and good take-off towards central Europe. Also, Berkin was helping building up the EME station... I still remember ...it was a hot day 30c and we did drink a lot...
However, it was worth to do . Many people were happy to work TA on 2m EME and meteorscatter for the first time. Also Berkin (TA3J) made the first EME QSOs. I think this was first EME QSO from native Turkish HAMs (?).
I was sorry to leave Turkey just after 10 days (I had to go to Vaticano for EME/MS on my way back!). So I was not able to see too much from the country and its nice and cordial people.
Anyway, I visited Pamukkale and Ephesus.
But most impressive for me was the hospitality of the Turkish people and especially my friend Berkin and his son Taylan! Many TNX! I do hope to return one day!
Vy 73 de Wolfgang SCHLAFFER, DL5MAE

KD0YZ & N0WLV (May 2001)

May of 2001, we were visiting in Izmir and our Amateur Radio friend Berkin, TA3J visited us at our hotel.  That evening he took us for a tour of Izmir and Karsiyaka to see all the sights.  Berkin handed us his hand-held 2 meter radio, and we talked through the repeater to many of the hams in the area.  Then a few days later, he drove us to their contest station which is 1.000 meters above the city of Manisa.  We operated the contest station as TA3/KDYZ and made many contacts on SSB and CW.  From that high altitude, propagation is excellent on all bands.  The contest station is set up to work all bands with very nice antennas and equipment.  That evening he took us to a beautiful restaurant in Izmir which we would not have found without his help. Thank you dear friend for a wonderful time.  We hope to come back and visit again soon.  You are always welcome to visit us and operate our "non-contest" station!
Larry KDYZ and Sonja NWLV

LZ2CJ (September 2001)
Dear Berkin,
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your great hospitality and a wonderful time we've had together this 2001 summer during our vacation at Kusadasi.
LZ2CJ , Marlena and the QRPs (Iglika & Slavena)

LZ2CJ, LZ2FV & LZ2HM (March 2000 & September 2000)
Dear Berkin,
We would like to thank you for the wonderful time we have had with you and Yasar TA3D during our ham activities in Turkey in CQWW WPX SSB Contest 2000 and WAEDC Contest 2000. Thanks a lot for great hospitality and true ham spirit. We are sure the newborn YM3LZ team will continue to do well in  future contests when time and other circumstances on both sides permit.
73's de Wally LZ2CJ,Ceco LZ2FV and Andy LZ2HM ( LZ part of YM3LZ team )

LX1CC & LX-SWL-91254 (September 2000)

Hey Berkin,
I will thank both of you, for your kindness for the licence and the help how I receive each year from your side for my stay in Turkey.
I hope that I can also receive again with Nilay, next year the special callsign YM3CC.

I shall call you the next days.
In love from
Myriam and Mill

SV1DOQ (July 1999)
Hi Berkin, Taylan,
Dear friends Manisa is a shelter where my mind  goes to find a nest  when the pressure of this life  smelts  me. Up there in mount Manisa my mind meets a family hot , kind and openhearted people  Berkin, Taylan.
We remember you every day, we trust you as we know you for many-many   years, we are very glad we met you .
Thank you all.
Yours sincerely, 
SV1DOQ, Chara, Apostolos